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Who has boat buddie?

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a friend of mine has it on a 21ft stratos and the thing is makes it real easy to load by yourself or with someone you just drive it on and it locks and drive away.its worth the money.
Had one for years on the Nitro........... Works good, Is it a must have? NO
Have had several friends who had these (I have had to help get em un stuck) and if you get the boat set aginst them you are screwed for getting them off or unlocked. You have to dick with the boat to get it moved around or back it in the lake until it will unseat it'self then you can get it un done. Which I guess isn't to bad unless you are on a busy ramp with .....Hum let's see 20 or 30 boats around you trying to get unloaded for a tourny. I wouldn't have one. How much work is it to climb up front and hook the strap up????????????????????????????. And hey you should have the strap undone priro to launching.
I have had a couple, they work good at first and then start wearing the bow-eye and the lock pin. Like the above post, they get wedged in sometimes.
your a pro now vu just do like they do and drive on and go. I seen a few hook it up later after they pulled out of the water
I had one on my boat when they first came out in the early eighties. Worked good for me, but I never have a boat for more than a year. I had several customers buy them and start having problems getting them to release after about 18 months. They went out of vogue in just a couple of years and now I rarely see them any more.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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