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in the Open wearing the skimpiest yellow piece of fabric I have ever seen?

This this bathing suit had less fabric than on my 3 year olds underwear(about that size as well).

Kurt and I are out in the river and this lady comes cruising by says hi. I was concentrating on fishing and said hi back, about that time I look up to see who I just said hi to and well lets just say I missed a good bite :wink:

She had a pretty nice boat also :wink:


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Delw: I won't give ya her name, but she just bought that boat
from one of our salesmen (it was his own boat). Let's just say
she has caught the eye of a lot people around here :twisted:

Will let ya know this one bit of info: One of her jobs is a house cleaning business, in a bikini :lol:


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nightcrawler said:
Hmmmmmmmmm.....wonder if I could talk Rob into getting someone to clean the house? LOL
I'll be happy to come and supervise her for you guys, I know how busy you are with contractor of the year and all. LMBO
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