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Who You Pullin For

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Looks like it's a battle between Skeet and Kvd. For Skeet to win the bassmasters and the AOY would be good for him, but he's got the best right there. I say go Skeet!
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KVD the Tiger Woods of bass fishing
When are the tournaments broadcast and what channels? I try to catch as much fishing as I can but I just switched to direct TV and don't know where to find all the good stuff. Somebody help! All I can find is Johnny Johnson!
KVD but skeet only has to make the top 4 to win AOY....
When are the tournaments broadcast and what channels?
KVD, he's from my neck of the woods prior to my moving out here.
The last couple of tourneys I saw KVD didn't even make the Final. I think this is Skeet's Year to take the Classic and the AOY.
skeet 100%
skeet all the way baby :biggrin:
Skeet is getting his ass kicked right now by 10lbs.. KVD is in the lead
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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