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Which Curcuit will you fish most this fall

  • Allstars

    Votes: 44 29.7%
  • ABA

    Votes: 34 23.0%
  • JackAZ

    Votes: 31 20.9%
  • MBC

    Votes: 39 26.4%

Who's fishing what curcuit this fall

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Interested on which curcuit you will fish the most of this fall

1. Allstars
2. ABA
3. JackaZ
4. MBC
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We'll see you there Forrest! I think Allstar and ABA are both going to have more boats this year
If things go well ABA for me and will look into Allstars. I like the fishing single option in ABA.
I will stick to my [email protected] fishing game for tournaments. I cant catch a damn fish on these lakes. I am not confident enough on these lakes to donate to you guys yet
I can guarantee I'll be fishing MBC Havasu.. :)
I can guarantee I'll be fishing MBC Havasu.. :)
Hell ya....never miss going to Havasu

Bass champs East texas region.....
Hell ya....never miss going to Havasu
You weren't there this year !!!!!!! :Iconrotfl
Judging from the poll MBC will have nearly the turnout of jack and allstar even with the "no boat" and "change the championship qualification requirement at the last minute" drama. I personally dont understand why someone would devote their time to a circuit without a boat at the championship (jack/MBC). It seems to me if you are going to put in the money and time to fish a whole circuit why not pick one where you will be fishing for a big prize at the end of the year?
Not everyone HAS to fish for a boat, some people just like to fish, with the option to win a little money.

Personally I like fishing the Jack AZ tournaments because they are simple, no frills, no side pots, etc...... It's the one I started in and I know the people, it's comrfortable.

When I want to go for some big prizes, I'll fish the U.S. Open or join the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation, at least with the Federation Nation you fish 5 qualifiers, and if you do good, you have a shot at fishing the Classic.
But JackAZ's classic doesn't really pay any more than any of their other derbies?
Hell ya....never miss going to Havasu
I second that!!!
championship paid less cause you only had 25 boats fishing 1 entry fee to be paid out in 2 different days only paid 3 places
AllStar and a mix of others.. BYW, AllStar has mentioned doing a Boat for their Championship this next season.
Would love to fish the MBC next March if there is a Boater out there willing to take a risk on this non-boater.
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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