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Who's sitting at work, thinking about fishing?

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Today, the minutes seem like hours. I am in dire need for my weekly fix of therapy on Saguaro. My batteries are fully charged (Daphne this is pre-flight), tires on the trailer are up, lights on the trailer work, fishing equipment all tied up, rain wear, crackers, beenies & weenies, and Baxter is already in the boat. I need to fish NOW!!
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So, go! I hope to see you out there. I have a few things to do, but am hoping to hit the water by 3:30 pm today.
I'm not working today but I'm wishin I was fishin. One of my two dogs is at the vet's office as we speak having a cancerous tumor removed from her eyelid. They told me they're gonna need to take a big chunk out to get it all and she won't look the same when I get her back this afternoon. Bummer. I hope to get out before Monday but will need to watch the bowser to make sure she does all right. Maybe I should've just had her put down so I could fish today?? Just kidding. If you're a PETA member, I didn't mean to offend you. Yes I did. What a beautiful day though. Whoever goes, have fun and catch a couple for me.
Daphne, I believe the term should be "prefloat".

I am really sorry to hear about your dog Jim. I hope everything goes well. Give her some extra love today, maybe some jerky!
That's how I feel all day long everyday. The only time I'm happy is when I'm fishing or looking at pictures of bass boats :lol: . When I'm in school for some reason I completely zone my teachers and everything going on around me out and I go into my own bass fishing world. I think about what I'd be doing at that present time if I was fishing, I think about what my game plan is going to be for the next time on the water, and I think about the really great stuff like flying down the California delta in a 20 ft. Skeeter in a major tournament. Fishing once a week is definetely not enough for me :( , when I am able to drive and my Dad trusts me enough I can just imagine how often I'll be on the water. Anyways, Jim, I really hope your Dog is allright and I know he will be. I'll be on the water Sunday and Monday of course so if anyones out there we'll be in a white and teal Spectrum Sport. Josh
Josh, I hear ya man. The whole time I was in basic training, we were supposed to be studying, I would be thinking of plastic worm colors to make, places to fish, etc. Im still ate up...I have a HUGE shimano sticker on the back of my truck, my outside closet looks like a float tube superstore, I have a 2 lb bass in my 55 gal tank and I feed him waterdogs while my friends watch and place bets on how quick he will get it, I have 3 bass games for PS2, and I subscribe to 3 fishing mags. I have a rod display rack in my room right by my bed, I guess in case someone breaks in I can whip him in the head with my TD rod? Im even thinking about a fishing related tattoo. Ive had super crazy dreams of catching huge bass...the list goes on. Being stuck at work on a rainy day like today sucks!
I dont know about you guys, but i dont have school today because of fall break. Right now im getting ready to go fishing, the rain doesnt bother me. Even if the bass dont bite, i will be a happy camper.
Well I guss that if you were at schooll, then you probly wouldnt be on azbasszone.
oh they WILL bite. I just had a talk with them and they said they would.
you are right, they did. thanks for talking to them, i think it helped!
I get to go to ASU Research Park every other day, but it’s not the same as going to a big lake like Saguaro or Canyon. If I could I would LOVE to fish the big lakes every day, maybe even live on the water. The only problem is the wakes from the skiers and the noise from the speed boats and jet skis. But I guess I should be thankful for what I do have
It's good to see you guys have a passion for fishing. Even at my age, I still think about it everyday. I think I saw an advertisement in my BASS magazine that Mike Iaconelli, the most recent BASS Classic winner, has put together a tape he sells about "How to Turn Pro." Josh/Sam, it may be a good idea for you to get a copy if you're thinking about it.
That does sound like a great idea Howard. I'm dying to start tourny fishing, I just need to find a partner or find a club that will allow me to fish even though I'm not 16 yet. Anyhow, I'll look for that tape and maybe I'll get some good info and learn what I need to do to get started. Josh
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