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I always thought that when you fished during "Winter" that fish were only found in deep waters but NOT since I have started posting and reading info on azbasszone. Recently, I read a post where somebody said they were catching smallies in 5-8 feet of water?? What are the rules if any on winter fishing as far as what depth bass can be found in? Also, can anybody EASILY explain the "turnover" concept that a lake experiences during winter time because I know that this has a direct impact on where fish can be found??


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48% of the people who fish say wintertime fish are deep

another 48% say in the summer fish are deep

4% of the people say fish are everywhere all year.
Its who ya talk to.

All year kurt and I have been catching them deep and shallow during the summer and winter. If we cant find deep fish we fish shallow and vice versa.

in the tourny this weekend some people caught there fish very shallow and some caught them very deep.

Rattle traps always work in the winter and thats a shallow bite.
dropshotting works great in the summer also at 20-30 feet



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Tim - The shallow winter pattern holds yet more truth at places like Canyon and Apache. The smallies can be found up a little shallower this time of year and cranks/jerks running in the 4-10 foot range ought to work most of the time.
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