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Winter Fishing

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Hey guys this was my first summer fishing with a boat and will be my first winter fishing from a boat. I was wondering how is the fishing in az at local lakes (rosey,canyon,saguaro) Im looking forward to less lake lice and idiots on the water but hows the fishing typically?
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Don't forget about Fall, the season between Summer and Winter. It's my favorite time of year for fishing. You can pretty much fish any reaction bait if they are up shallow.
Thanks. By reaction bait do you mean plastics? (reaction innovations)
Thanks. By reaction bait do you mean plastics? (reaction innovations)
He's meaning any fast moving bait that the fish barely get to see. rat'l trap right by them, burn a spinnerbait, burn a buzzbait in the shallows...

there's a thread already on averybody's favorite fall baits...
Thanks. By reaction bait do you mean plastics? (reaction innovations)
no plastics are typically considered more of finesse baits. (generalizing of course)
Also, I've seen a fall bite last from now till Christmas some years, other years it didn't last or pick up again past the second week of November. Depends on weather, when the lake turns over and a bunch of other mystery factors. Don't hesitate to keep trying reaction baits as long as water temps are 55 or higher and you have a stable weather pattern for 3 or more days.

When the true winter bite starts; think slow, think small, think finese. Doesn't hurt to have a Jigging spoon ready and tied on.
Thanks guys! So the fishing shouldnt really slow down untill it gets really cold?
Buy yourself some structure spoons too in quarter-1oz. I preferr the cripple herring in blue/silver & green/silver. They will catch anything. I caught a 13lb. striper at plez. as well as a huge flathead in the fall. Be sure to change the hooks.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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