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I was just curiuos what the payout situation is for the upcoming WON Bass tournament at Bartlett. It is my first tournament and I am just wondering how many places, how much,etc.... the payouts are. Thanks.

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here is a link

they used to have payout info on there . I cant seem to find it.

typically tournys pay out 1-10 meaning every 10 boats pays one place so 50 boats pays 5 places...
1-5 meaning for every 5 boats there is one place paid. so 50 boats pays 10 places..
but then they throw the options into play and depending on what tourny fished its anywhere from 75% payback to 100% payback on option money.
On some ABA tournys Ive seen guys place 20th place and get a check for a few hundred bucks.

The options always messed me up on how they work. Ive gotten checks and only caught one fish . Those were mini t's basically you have 4 flights lets say. 25 boats per flight and you have the top weight in your flight. if you got in a mini t you should get a check.
Da and a few others are real good on how they work and probally explain it better.
Or maybe John from WON bass or Randy from monerey bass can explain it.

Look at the monerey entry form and you will get an idea how options pay .

if you dont mind spending the money get in all options cause if you do get a check it will be a good one.

Good luck.

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WON Bass payback

WON Bass pays back 1 in 5. So for 50 paid entry's we payback 10 places. All options are 100% payback. I hope this is what you are looking for.

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