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Woods Canyon Lake 10-18

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I went for a drive today. I stopped off at Woods Canyon lake. I fished from 10:30am - 2pm and got nada. The little boys that were fishing around me were catching a few here and there. I guess a state record could have been broken last week.

An older gentleman caught a 10 pound + rainbow and didn't register it. There are two more fish just like that one in Woods Canyon lake. They were released from the fisheries from up the road. When these mature fish from the hatchery reach a a certain age, they remove them and plant them in the nearby lakes. The fisheramn that caught that fish, put that fish in the freezer at the Woods Canyon lake store. he came back four days later to show it to his wife. After that, he gave it away. the person who received that fish said the fish steaks were larger than his plates that he ate off of. They cut 20 steaks from that one fish! That fish burned the old record by 3 pounds! he caught that fish from shore with four pound test line! :eek:
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The state inland record for rainbow trout is listed in the AGFD regs as 11 lbs 1 oz. But I'm sure the old guy is still excited about it.
d a, when I mean 10+, I mean that fish was over 14 pounds! That guy held that fish up. When the picture was taken,the head of the fish was just below the guys chin and the tail was a couple of inches off the ground. I've should have been more specific in the weight. There's a picture at the Woods Canyon lake store on the counter top. That fish is huge! It looks like a freak'n Salmon.
RookieBoy what were you using for bait?
FW, I was using Green Label salmon eggs and worms. The green label eggs were the only style that the store had in stock. I would buy the red label style locally here like at Sports Authority or some other fishing tackle store.
The area that was producing fish was 100 yards east of the store. Down past the red pump shack. The young man was fishing with worms and salmon eggs right on the bottom. He stuck a nice 17" fish. it was really pink too! beautiful in color! you'll need to be on the lake by 8 am if you want a good spot. it gets busy quite, the bite is a lot better in the morning.Good luck.
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