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Spent a night camping and a day fishing for "Gay Bass". We took the usual weapon. Red Label Balls o Fire salmon eggs. We were slaying them left and right to the shagrin of the folks to our left and right! We kept our limit and tossed back all of the small ones. I don't know how many we caught in all, but we caught well over our limit only keeping our 12 for dinner and then some. I'm telling ya, you can't go wrong with Pautzke's(sp) red label balls o fire salmon eggs! We had a great time and it was just me and the lil woman! It was a great break from the kids and an even nicer break from the weather. Bye the way, it's getting COLD at night in the mountains! BE PREPARED!!!


Way to go John & Wendy! I love those chilly mornings and hot streaks on the lake! In the morning,you wake up, climb out of the tent, looking for your favorite tree, complete your business,put three logs on the fire, and climb back in the sack with your favorite camper! :twisted: Yea baby, the weather in here is just fine!
I like those pastry's they call Bears claws and a warm cup of hot chocolate. That'll start your morning off just right!
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