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Woods Canyon Lake Question

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Does anyone know what time the store (boat rental) opens on Saturday mornings?


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I think it's 7....but I haven't been there in awhile
I was there last weekend, it is 7am...pretty sure.
Was up there last Thursday. Store opens at 7am. Rented one of their boats as soon as they opened . Used Rooster Tails with some yellow in it and hooked up 20 minutes after leaving dock. Caught 5 total by 10:30am.
thanks everyone! Store does open at 7:00 and there was a line to get in too! We also rented a boat and we had seven nice trout by the time we got off the lake at 11:00. Very fat and healthy. Lake was a madhouse and really busy. Too man people not watching where they are going and it made it difficult to troll without someone cutting or drifting in front of you becasue they were not paying attention. We actually got off the lake about 45 minutes before our time was up because it became to much of a pain in the..........:lol:

Went to Willow Springs and it was so crowded that we couldnt even find a parking spot and had to park farther down the road comming in. Hung about for about 45 minutes and left.

The cooler temperatures and slight breeze in the early morning on Woods Canyon was worth the trouble. Had lunch on a bench at the edge of the Rim. Beautiful :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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