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WTB: Diesel Truck/Commuter Car/ Motorcycle

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Lol ya that's a broad description, but I'm pretty much looking for a vehicle for myself. Early 90s diesel ford or dodge, a little corolla type deal, or a street bike. My budget appx 2500$ cash currently, I doubt any of you will take payments. I may just apply for a loan and go from there. So anyone have any things to sell. If I get a loan, I can go higher than 2500.
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street bikes for daily commutes can be a bit dangerous the way some of these az idiots drive. i ride one. but when it's super hot or cold or i need to carry anything that won't fit in my saddlebags i drive my truck. (which is most of the time.) buy a vehicle with four wheels for daily driving then, if you want a toy buy the bike. my 2 cents....
thanks for the input, i know the roads here aren't meant for bikes.
PM Mr. Bass, AKA Kurt and see what he has. He always has a few down at the shop.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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