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Usual disclaimer. Do not reply directly to this email. If you need to reach me call my cell (928) 580-1270 or drop me an email at bob(AT)yumaproam(DOT)com.

Not much has changed in the sponsor arena. If you know of a business person or business that you think might be interested in supporting the future of fishing through clubs like ours please feel free to let your tournament director know how to contact them. It only takes a few moments to send a letter or an email explaining the benefits of sponsoring Yuma Pro Am.

In the March tournament on Mittry Lake there were a lot of 5 pound fish brought to the scales. Ed Reeder and Rick Johnson are the ones who showed us the big over all bag though with over 18 pounds. Hammer & Kevin Goss finished 2nd with 16.52, and right behind them were Alvin Hatton and Allen Hook with 16.02. Big bass of the day went to Alvin & Allen at 5.87.

Lets see if we can keep those big fish coming in on the river on April 29th. Remember sign up is open now. You can pay your entry and dues on-line, by mail, or at the draw.

The future of Yuma Pro Am depends on both active and new members. If you want to see it continue then recruit new people to bass fishing through our club. I am always happy to see every one of our long standing members, but the reason I started the club was to give people a place to get started and a chance to learn something.

There is a new series Mittry Summer Nights series out there every Wednesday afternoon unitl... It has nothing to do with Yuma Pro Am, but some of you just might want to check it out.

As always lets do business with those businesses who support or club and our community.

WON Bass
Eagle Claw
Preferred Plastics
Goin' Fishin' Productions Guide Service
Lake Fork Trophy Lures
Bass Assassin
Taipan Custom Rods (and Rod & Reel Repair)
King Cobra Tackle Co.
The Security Consultant
Pepsi Cola of Yuma
Stanley (Reel it, Feel It.)
Fisher's Landing
Sonora Nissan
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