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I decide to take a break today and hit the Saguaro. This neighbors 14 year gets permission to lpay hooky from school and wants to go fishin real bad. We hit the lake this morning at about 10:30 am. I am using ramp 1 because the bathrroms are fresher.
I am getting my boat ready and I look down and bonehead is in the middle of the ramp so maybe one other boat can launch. But next to him is another boat with jumper cables. So I sit and wait and wait and wait. The jumper boat leaves and bonehead walks up the ramp waving at me, asking me if I know anything about boats. I say a little. So he says I tried to start it and it just won't start.
So I tried to jump it. Obviously questions ... Does it have gas, did you check the saftey lanyard. "Whats a saftey lanyard?" So I decide to walk down and take a look. His battery is full dead. I look over for a saftey lanyard and there is none. On the side of the console (Pontoon boat) there is a run/kill switch the switch is in kill position. So I show him that, I also say well you probably fried your power pack too since you jumped it. "Wahts that?" I explain to him what it does. "Can I get one at Checker?" No Marine shop. "How much?" oh about $1500 to $2000. I tell him try the obvious. Go home and put a new marine battery in it and try it. "Won't just a regular car battery work?" No needs to be a marine battery. Don't forget to run it with the muffs on it. "What are muffs" I say go find a marine shop and talk with them they will help you. "Does the marina here have a shop?" yes they do go talk with them. ......... Oh brother I see a TV show about this.

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Hey Bullet fish from a pontoon? If you do I think I saw you out at Bartlett early this year. Anyways, yeah these people are out there, every day. They should let me use their boat and I will let them have a fun day in the tube! Hey, its got a fishfinder!
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